1. Setting up Forge

So, you want to get started with Minecraft Modding. Look no further! :) In this tutorial series we will be creating a follower mod. Basically it is a new entity in Minecraft which will follow you around and for which actions you can configure using a menu.

Getting Started

Here are things you need to do before you start.

  • You need to have Java JDK and JRE installed. Install Java 7 as that one works best with Forge at the moment. Also note that you will need to set JDK into your PATH variable, instructions on doing that can be found here.
  • Get a Java IDE (editor where you edit the code)
    • For this tutorial we use IntelliJ, so download that (Community edition is free).
  • Some knowledge of coding or Java does not hurt ;)

Setting up Forge

Step 1) Get Forge for Minecraft 1.7.10.

Navigate to files.minecraftforge.net
Download 1.7.10-Latest (press the src link next to it)
Unzip the forge zip archive to location where you want it to be.

Step 2) Add more ram for the setup scripts

First we should add more RAM memory for the setup scripts for everything to run smoothly. To do this, open the gradlew file located in your forge folder with a text editor.

In the build.gradle file replace this line:


With this:


Step 3) Run the setup script!

You will need to open your terminal and navigate to folder where you extracted your forge in. Then in that folder depending on your operating system run:

Mac / Unix

bash gradlew setupDecompWorkspace


gradlew setupDecompWorkspace

At this point you can grab a coffee, tea or whichever is your cup of... tea? Running the setup scripts can easily take 15 minutes.

Step 4) Setup intellij workspace

After you have ran the setup script, you'll just have to run one more script to setup your intellij workspace. That is:

Mac / Unix

bash gradlew idea


gradlew idea


Now setup is done! Then it's time to move on to next chapter, 2) Your First Mod