Hi there. I am Aleksi. 25 years old. From Finland. The land of polar bears. And saunas.

Cut the chase

Loves creating something new, likes working alone, determined (even stubborn), holds to he's opinions.

Where do we start from

I started my coding hobby when I was 9 years old, back in the days I remember using something called angelfire and freewebs. My older sister and dad taught me to code HTML and I fell in love with that. I could not get enough of HTML so I moved into Quickbasic too and coded few text based games at the age range of 9 to 11. About that age I had created quite few many web pages already and created my first fan pages for a online system called Habbo Hotel. I remember updating those pages about daily, but still I had lot to learn, I did not even had tried CSS at that time. Between that and age of 15 I only did bit of a coding work, mostly I remember playing a lot of games, I started playing guitar, started buying cd & lp records and tinkered a lot with computers. Also started to get bit interested with sound quality.

Live and Learn

Soo, when I was about 15-16 years old, teacher made me learn CSS at IT-school I attended to. That made me to also try out PHP and damn, did I fall in love with coding again. I started creating some cool projects for myself with PHP that time. Time went flying, I also learned to code C++, Visual Basic but neither one of those was the ones I really liked.


Then, when I was doing my bachelor's studies, I came across Java. That and the fact that I started writing MinecraftEdu back in June 2011, I got hooked with Java and it's currently the languages I enjoy most (though I still haven't forgotted you, PHP ;))

What else?

Other than coding, I also have two cats, Vili and Vilperi. You can find pictures of them all across my blog. I also started going to gym few years back and now do weightlifting (snatch and clean & jerk). I do like music, I gathered quite a collection when I was younger, including like 300 cds and 100 lps. I've also been playing guitar since I was 15, but have not found that much time for that these days.