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3. Creating a item

Now that we have a good base created in tutorial 2, it's time to actually start modding. In this chapter you will learn how to create items, how to translate them and how to add textures for your items! Creating item for spawning NPCs Creating items is pretty easy in…


2. Your first mod

Ok, now we have setup our Forge workspace and it's time to open your project, make small settings to our intellij workspace and create template for our mod. So, let's start by opening up our project! What we will learn in this chapter Before we dive in the chapter, I…


1. Setting up Forge

So, you want to get started with Minecraft Modding. Look no further! :) In this tutorial series we will be creating a follower mod. Basically it is a new entity in Minecraft which will follow you around and for which actions you can configure using a menu. Getting Started Here are…